There are a lot of aupair that had complained by the host family. Let’s listen to what the host families have ever said about aupair and what they want and don’t want aupair do.

1.      Attitude:

Aupair Tin Pham in Germany
Aupair Tin Pham in Germany

Officially, both au pair and host families are participating and a “cultural exchange”. Au pair helps to look after homes and children for host families, and in return they are provided with accommodation and allowances from host families. Au pair salaries in European countries are around 60 -80 euros / week for about 30-35 working hours. There are a lot of Au pair who work very well, very satisfied by host families. They even tip money for Au pair every week. But not every Au pair is aware of their obligations and responsibilities. There is an Aupair in France go to the UK. Ask the host family to pay for airline tickets, but when arriving at the UK airport. She disappeared without a trace.Or it have a story about a Bulgarian Au pair eats all the meat for the whole family. Even eating chicken that will be use for the BBQ party weekend. When asked by her host family, she cried so much that her host family thought it should be quiet to buy meat by self and hide it in another refrigerator in the basement.

“I used to hire an Italian Aupair and fire her immediately after 2 weeks of work. She smoked in front of the children, always seemingly not caring about them. She even lied that her relative in her countryside was sick and she called for her boyfriend for hours of gossip. “

The tricky thing is, Aupair is half a guest, half a maid. Sometimes, it is difficult for the host family to welcome her as a family member initially and let her know that they want an aupair will work to help them. In return, aupair will live as a family member.

“Once I received a phone call from the school asking my family to arrange someone to pick up our daughter while it was Au Pair’s daily task. I was very angry and fired her immediately “

“I used to have very bad Aupairs. Like a girl who put food in the room for the whole month, she didn’t clean until the ants came to her room. Then a girl took my newborn daughter with one hand and then dragged my baby around the house. I never let her with my child alone at home, I let that Aupair girl leave her job.”

Stories of this type are not uncommon in host families that have Aupair. And for the most part, host families complain of Aupair’s non-positive attitude, lazy or irresponsible .

Asian Au pairs in general and Vietnam in particular often have disadvantages compared to European Au pairs such as: poor in foreign languages, cultural differences, less confident … However, Asian Aupair has some very positive advantages such as: hard work, less demanding and more patient. Being in a host family that is in a completely different culture, expressing a positive, cooperative attitude and hard work is always a good way to make a good impression on the host family about Vietnamese people.

2.      Language:

Going Aupair, it is very important to know the local language. There are stories about Aupair such as: “We used to hire a Turkish Aupair. She is very good, cheerful and pleasant but she doesn’t know any English words. I have to text what I want to tell her and send it to her sister in Turkey. Then her sister will call her and explain to her. It sounds ambiguous but this is how we work together. ” It is very important that you know the local language to everyday communication with your host family. Not everyone is as patient as the host family above, the language barrier always makes you tired and can create unnecessary misunderstandings.

3.     What should an Aupair’s appearence look like ?

“When I was not at home. I don’t want an Aupair girl in my family with dyed hair and heavy makeup like going to a party. ”Aupair should understand that you are here to help your host family as well as learn more languages and explore the new country. A year for Aupair is not a time when you can travel for free and show your personality too comfortable. Because you’re about to take care of their children. So the host family does not want you give inappropriate influences for their child. Let’s dress up and make hair that still show your personality as well as make your host family feel comfortable and trusting.

These also have a lot of stories that the mistake from the host families.

Aupair diary
Aupair diary

The journalist Wendy Holden once told of her days as an Aupair at a French host family near the border with Germany. She had to bathe in the garage, work with the other maids who talk a lots in the host family. She had to take care of two very naughty children. However, she also said: “It is like hell but it taught me a lot in life. I am fluent in French for one year of being an Aupair, know how to do more things, cook better and become more patient, responsible and loving my own family much more”.

The thing that you dare to go Aupair in a strange country. Living in a strange family is not easy thing and needs a lot of courage. Or you will have unforgettable experiences and take advantage of 1 year in that country to learn language and enjoy life, or you can choose to give up and return to your previous life. Anything has its price. If you value 1 year of Aupair, there is always a good and positive attitude. I believe that in that one year you will collect many valuable lessons to help you more grow up than you just live in the embrace of relatives and families.

***Aupair Diary***

What does in the eyes of insiders think about Aupair ? Find out more about what aupair means, aupair registration process, feedbacks of the aupair had gone before, or aupair experience and knowledge here.


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