Time flies like an arrow, more than a month since I came to the United States. America dream of the girl have name Kieu Bich , It has become a reality, also thanks to a lot of help of the sisters. The encouragement of Ms.Van (Vanessa Pham) when I was most depressed and Ms.Thinh’s visa interview tips led me to achieve this “small” success.

I was lucky to meet the family very well. They also treat me very good ! On Christmas, I was brought to New York to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Wow, that was so awesome ! I was completely surprised, admired the skyscrapers, massive, and majestic … Their country were too big and modern ! Oh well. On New Year’s Eve, me and my host family had a great time together at Disney World, Florida. The trips. The destinations I never thought I would have a chance to come.

Coming here, what I was most worried about that my eating. I was familiar with Vietnamese food, could not eat American food. But fortunately, my taste was very suitable with the host family. I had enjoyed delicious food every day because the host dad cooking was very delicious. In here I ate more than in Vietnam, my sisters. My adoptive parents warning me “be careful if not you will be fatter!”. That what made me the happiest !!

I went to the United States on the cold winter, with snow falling thick layer covered the ground. I love the cold in here, my sisters. It was great! The clothes I had bought at the Russian market that helped me adapt quickly to the cold climate here. Although I like the cold, but also very careful to keep my body warm. Because I was afraid of being sick too. So you did not need to worry about me.

I would like to thank you my sisters in Global Aupair Vietnam’s small house had given me this precious opportunity. I wish all of you have a good health, success in the work. And the small house more and more growing and stronger so that the other young people also have the opportunity to learn this valuable experience!

I will try to learn, exchange well. To be able to partly thanks the efforts of the small family for me.

One again, I thank you so much.

Hi all of you with the most sincere gratitude !

Kieu Bich – Aupair in America 2017


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