Aupair in AustriaAupair in AustriaAupair in Austria

Aupair in Austria

The Aupair program information in Austria (both study and work in Austria)

Global Vietnam Aupair

1. Benefits of Aupair:

  • Get approach to Western culture.
  • Free accommodation, living in Austria for 1 year.
  • Will be joined a German course in Austria for 1 year.
  • Having a private room in the family.
  • To be paid a half course fee for the first German course by the host family.
  • Get at least 1 day off per week.
  • Aupair only has to work 20 hours a week, at most 3 nights/ week for baby-looking after .
  • The number of days’ leave is 30 days a year.
  • To be received 376-470 euros per month of pocket money.

2. Responsibilities of Aupair:

  • Child care and support housework for the families only up to 20 hours per week.
  • Add up to 3 babysitting evenings per week.
  • The tasks that aupairs will be able to do are: take children to school, pick up children, play with children, clean children’s room, help parents prepare food ….
The scene picturesque in Austria

3. Conditions for joining the program:

  • Between the ages of 18-27.
  • Good basic German (A1 or higher).
  • Experienced with young children and housework.
  • Not married and do not have children.
  • Good health and physical.
  • No criminal record.

4, Required documents to participate in the program:

– Passport
– Letter to the future adoptive parents (typing)
– Photos of yourself, your family or pictures with the children you used to take care, photos of social activities (photos as clear, as true and vivid as possible).
– Health certification
– Birth certificate
– 2 card image 3.5*4.5 with white backgrounds
– Transcripts, student ID cards or the highest degree available
– Certificate of German A1 (if applicable)

5, Participation fee:

We list in detail all the fees you will pay as follows:

– Consultancy fee: 25 million dong
– Application fee: 75 Euro
– Airfare: 10-15 million dong

6. Process of participation:

  1.  You can register at
  2.  Global will book the schedule interview by German through skype with you.
  3.  After you pass the interview with Global, you will sign with Global.
  4.  You can choose one of the two types, coming to the office directly or signing the contract online and credit transfer.
  5.  When signing the contract, you need to pay 12.5 million service fees.
  6.  Global mail to instruct the documents to complete before Global officially introduced the adoptive family for you.
  7.  Once you have a suitable host family, you pay the remaining 10 million service fees.
  8.  Global prepares the visa application, interviews and guides you to apply for a visa at the embassy.
  9.  With a visa, you travel to Austria, get your family picked up at the airport and take home.


– All the fees we listed above are fees you may have to pay, not a fee to pay us. All matters regarding airfare, study and visa fees or visa fees will be paid directly at the place where you use the service.

– You can see more Aupair experience from the previous Aupair of Global Vietnam Aupair here.


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