Open letter from the founder Open letter from the founder Open letter from the founder

Open letter from the founder

“The world is a book and who does not go just be read only one page”

Người sáng lập Global Vietnam Aupair

Dear students,

My name is Thinh, a former student of the German Faculty at Hanoi University. I was very energetic and loves exploring the beauty of European countries. So I chose to study German.

I believe in one of you, will have some one who have a desire like me and that why you learn German. Of course there are still many other reasons. But dear students, when you walked the path you had chosen, whether it is right or wrong, try your best for it.

I had known the Aupair program since the first, second years through the teacher’s narratives. Then I always dreamed, wishing that program would be present in Vietnam. And it came to Vietnam. I did not miss the opportunity and the footsteps to beautiful Germany. The time I spent in Germany for a year was not short, but why did I feel so fast. I had grown up and learnt a lot from it.

Had been known about the vast Frankfurt airport, the traditional villages and the magnificent castles, to the blue beaches without shadow people with the hills and majestic meadow filled with yellow daisies, to the night train run constantly, knew about the scientific activities, in time, most important was that I did know how to take care of myself, know how to live strong and dedicated with everything, know to learn by myself and cultivate knowledge of the culture as well as the tradition of the Germans, transform myself to adapt with the people there. At that time, I became more proud because I had learned German and lived all my life for my youthful aspirations.

Chị Thịnh trên kênh truyền hình HTV9

Of course, I do not just want to talk about the good things I had experienced. Everything has two sides of it. You will probably have to go through a lot of hard times with homesickness, loneliness and cultural shock (Kultur Schock). But do not be afraid, it was these difficulties that will help you become stronger and better than ever, recognize your value and see life is very meaningful. These are just a few lines that I would like to share my experience with you. Be prepared the morale and recognized the aupair in its proper aspect. I always looks forward to welcoming all of you, who are truly interested in European / American countries, European / American culture and European / American languages.

Best regards,
Thinh Nguyen

For more information about the Aupair in Germany program, please refer to the Aupair program  here.
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Or sign up for the free Aupair program at the following link:


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