Aupair in AmericaAupair in AmericaAupair in America

Aupair in America

1, Benefits:

  • Living in an American family, free living, private room and learn more about American culture and language from everyday life.
  • Traveled, explored the United States, lived in the United States for a year .
  •  Join an online training academy before arriving in the US to best adaptation for aupair life in America.
  • Enrolled at a recognized America college or university, which is certified to attend a minimum of 6 credits at the school, the family will pay up to $500 tuition fee per year.
  • Get involved, make friends with other Aupair from all over the world.
  • To be paid for return ticket.
  • Get free insurance.
  • To be received are about 800 USD / month (because all expenses for accommodation, study, travel are paid by the family, you can spend this money to pay the original cost or travel, shopping, meeting friends).
  • A two-week leave is paid for one year of employment and at least 1.5 days a week.
  • During your stay in the United States, you will always have the protection and take care of a representative of Global Vietnam Aupair near you.

2, Responsibilities:

  • Aupair is responsible for babysitting 45 hours a week, not working more than 5.5 days a week and not more than 10 hours a day.
  • Aupair is also an active member of the host family and participates in activities with families, so Aupair will also need to help with housework.
  • The tasks Aupair can do: Waking up children, preparing breakfast, lunch for children, picking up children to school, playing with children, preparing children for bed, taking children to play or meeting friends of host kids, helping with the housework.

3, Requirements:

  • Being male or female, between the ages of 18-26 (Aupair is less than 27 years old when arriving in the US).
  • Good English communication (no language certificate required). Your English proficiency will be assessed through live interviews with representatives of Global Vietnam Aupair.
  • Love children.
  • A passion for learning culture, US life.
  • Be physically and physically healthy.
  • Have a driving license (may be added before coming the US)

4, Application process:

  • You fill out the free Aupair program information here.
  • We will arrange a suitable time and will inform you by email about the first interview schedule via skype.
  • When you pass the first interview, we announce a schedule for you to take part in the second round interview. The second round (direct interview) is for a fee and is mandatory to be officially involved. Aupair J1 at Global. The interview fee is 2.5 million dong ($100) and is not refundable in any case.
  • After you have passed the second round interview (direct interview) and submitted the required documents, you will be contacted directly with our verified families in the United States.
  • When you and your family have made the choice, we will guide you through the embassy’s visa application process. At this time you pay a full service fee of 25.5 million ($1,020) for us.
  • With a visa, you leave for the United States, get your family in the US pick up at the airport and take home.

5, Participation fee:

All expenses you may incur will be as follows:

  • Course fees and driver’s license examination: 6 000 000 -10 000 000 (depending on where you study and test)
  • Direct interview fee: VND 2.5 million (equivalent to $100)
    Aupair service fee (including guide for all procedures and preparation of visa application, visa interview preparation): 25.5 million (equivalent to $1.020), paid in VND.
  • Visa fee: approximately 3 650 000 (varies by tariff, depending on time).
  • Total cost: 30 000 000 – 40 000 000 VND (free air ticket  100%)
Nhu and her host family in US Independent Day

Your process in the US is fully protected by a representative of Global Vietnam Aupair in the United States.
– All the fees we listed above are fees you may be paid, not all fees payable to us. You will pay directly for the driver’s license, visa application fee.
Direct interview fee is not refundable in any situation.
A  driver’s license is a mandatory requirement of the program, as it is mandatory for most families to adopt as well as necessary for finding a family for you. You can register for and take your driver’s license after 2 rounds of interviews. You do not necessarily to have it when you sign up for the program, as long as you have a license before you go to the US.

You can see more Aupair experience from the Aupair in America before.

Welcome to Global Vietnam Aupair.


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