Aupair in FranceAupair in FranceAupair in France

Aupair in France

Au Pair program in France

Global Vietnam Aupair

Aupair Hanh Thuc of Global Vietnam Aupair in Paris

1. Benefits of Au Pair in France

  • Staying with indigenous family, exchanging and learning culture, the families will pay for accommodation.
  • There is a private room in the family (private bathroom or shared with children).
  • Pick up at the airport.
  • To be received of weekly allowances from 60 – 100 Euros.
  • Take part in a French course (self-paid or the family pay for, depending on the host) and social activities (traveling, exploring France, museum, watching movies, attending clubs , visit famous places …)
  • Get free health insurance.
  • The family will help and create the best conditions to cultural integration and French language capital development.

2. Responsibilities of Au Pair in France:

  • Babysitting 30 hours per week (5 hours a day, Wednesday may be more a bit because Wednesday is school holidays in France).
  • Do some baby-related chores (cleaning the baby’s room, washing baby’s clothes (washing machine), ironing baby clothes, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after use, preparing food for young).
  • Playing with children.
  •  Helping with housework.
  • Bathing for children.
  • Preparing simple meals.
  • Bringing the children to school and picking them up.

3. Requirements for Au Pairs in France:

  • Between the ages of 18-30.
  • Have good knowledge of French.
  • Experienced with children.
  • Not married and have no children.
  • Can work and look after kid 30 hours / week + 2 nights / week.
  • Possibly in France for at least 1 year.
  • Good healthy.
  • Clean background, no criminal record.
  • Always open and flexible in accepting new lifestyles and cultures.
Aupair Kieu Phuong of Global Vietnam Aupair in France

4. Required documents for the Aupair program in France:

  1.  Letter to the host family.
  2.  4 photos of 3,5×4,5 white background (can be added after having family).
  3.  Personal photos (clear photos and express the love for children, the work of the family, work with children, as fresh as possible) (should use soft file, copy to USB when come to the center or mail to the counselor after signing the contract).
  4.   Health certification (may be added before coming to France, do not need immediately after signing the contract).
  5.   Birth certificate.
  6.   Registration book.
  7.   Passport.
  8.   Driver’s license is advantageous (if any).
  9.   Certificate in French, transcripts, student ID card …

5. Cost of participation in the Aupair program in France through the Global Vietnam Aupair Center:

We public the full cost of Aupair program through the Global Vietnam Aupair Center (no costs incurred) as follows:

  1.   Consultant fee: 20 million VND.
  2.   Translation and notarization of visa papers: free.
  3.   Visa application fee: about VND 3,200,000 (paid directly to the embassy).
  4.   French certificate examination fee: 500.000 VND – 2.500.000 VND (paid directly to the French Cultural Center where you register).
  5.   One way ticket: 10-15 million.

Total cost: about 40-45 million

Inside that, the fee of counseling service is the full fee for the center to receiving the records, introducing the most suitable family with best treatment, interviewing the embassy, consulting to complete visa application procedures and make sure the host family will be changed when you are having problems with them.

6. Process of joining the Aupair program in France at Global Vietnam Aupair:

  • You can register at
  • Global email to booking the interview schedule by French via skype with you.
  • After you pass the French interview with Global, you will sign the contract with Global. You can choose one of the two types, go to the office directly or send the contract signed online and credit transfer.
  • When signing a contract, you need to pay 10 million service fees.
  • Global mail to guide you the documents to complete before the center introduce the family for you.
  • Once you have a suitable adoptive family, you pay the remaining 10 million service fees.
  • Global prepares the entire visa application, practice the interview and guides you to apply for a visa at the embassy.
    With a visa, aupair on the way to France, the family will pick up at the airport and take home.


– All the fees we listed above are fees you may have to pay, not a fee to pay us. You will pay directly for the air ticket, language tuition fee, certification test or visa application fee at the place where you use the service.
– You can see more Aupair experience from the Aupair in France of Global Vietnam Aupair before, in here
– Any questions, please leave a comment below or email, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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