When I first registered for the program, I was worried a lot about how to make a beautiful profile, how to write a letter and and how to talk with my host family with my babbling language. And thanks to the help devoted and enthusiasm of the three beautiful sisters: Ms.Thinh, Ms. Lan and Ms. Ha, go through three, four host family I finally found a suitable family.

It was pass a stage and continue another stage. That was waiting for Visum, and this was the time when I felt most nervous. Each day waitting the phone rang. It must be said haiz, did not know how to say the worried, fidgety about all of things. One day was too long, just want the time passed quickly.

I interviewed in the middle of March to the end of April. I asked my Gast that had the consulate contacted wih them ? and Gast said no. Then they called for the German Consulate. At that time, I was known that my record had not been reviewed, It had not been sent to Germany yet. Then the sisters guided me to call the Vietnamese consulate to asked them and helped me write for them. A week later, my Gast had received Fragebogen and a week later I received a call for Visum.

It took me almost 2 months to wait for Visum and now I have it in my hands.

Thanh Thao – Aupair in Germany 2018


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