Fee consulting services for Semi Aupair in Germany: VND 10 million (including notarized translation fee)

Fee consulting services for Semi Aupair in France: VND 10 million (including notarized translation fee)

Fee consulting services for  Semi Aupair in Austria: VND 12.5 million (including notary translation fee)

No service pack Semi in the USA

In the Semi Aupair consulting service, you will find the adoptive family by yourself and Global Aupair will assist you in the process of:

– Guide visa application.

– Experience living with the host family and the native culture.

What is semi-service ?

This is a new and unique service package available only at Global Vietnam Aupair.

– At the present time, you can find lots of experiences from the forum of the previous ones which detailed instructions on how to find a host family abroad and visa application procedures at the ambassador / consulate. But do not you know that the experience of visa policy of the person went before which was still suitable or not, because the visa policy of the countries is always changing every day ?

– You have friends or acquaintances abroad to recommend a host family, but do not know if they are eligible to receive Aupair or not and not know how to apply for visa ?

That’s why we released the Semi-service package. Please see the comparison table of 2 packages to understand more details:

Service is received Semi-Service Full-Service
Consultation on visa procedures × ×
Private counseling about child care, culture and background knowledge before going × ×
Introduce the host family _ ×
How to write a letter for the host family _ ×
Make sure to be changed the host family and guided the host family change procedures when you are abroad _ ×
The cost 50% service charge for France / Germany / Austria 100% service charge for France / Germany / Austria
10 – 12.5 million VND 20 – 25 million VND


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