Aupair in GermanyAupair in GermanyAupair in Germany

Aupair in Germany

Au Pair program in Germany

Global Vietnam Aupair

German course when joining Aupair
Regular language schools is Volkhochschule

1. Benefits of Au Pair in Germany:

  • Immerse yourself in the German culture, improve your knowledge of the German language.
  • Opportunity to attend German language, culture and history courses.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Holiday and time off: Au Pairs in a one year stay will have four weeks of holidays (equivalent to 2 days/ month).
European families often go to the beach in the summer and ski in the winter
European families often go to the beach in the summer and ski in the winter
  • A private room at least 8 sqm with windows and furniture: Bed, blanket, mattress, desk, fireplace, wardrobe … If the family does not have a private bathroom, you are allowed to use the same bathroom.
  • The host parents are responsible for paying civil, sick and accident insurance.
  • In Germany, an au pair receives monthly pocket money of at least 260 euros and is paid 50 Euro/ month for tuition fee by the host family.

2. Au Pair responsibilities in Germany:

Playmate, big sister, fairytale teller, homework helper, cook, singer, comforter, first aid helper, alarm clock…being an au pair consists of all of these roles and many more. Specific tasks:

  • Together with the host parents prepare meals and do some houseworks.
  • Play with the children, help the children study.
  • Bring the children to school if their parents are busy or the host kids can not walk on their own to school.

Total work time: 6 hours / day <=> 30 hours / week (including play time and help the host kids study).

Note:  The governments of the host countries prohibit the use of participation programs to immigrant, as well as the families (Gastfamilie) take advantage of Aupair as a maid. Every countries have strict regulations on Aupair program. You can refer to the  aupair in Germany law at the following link:

3. Requirements for Au Pairs in Germany:

  • Be between 18 and 27 years of age.
  • Have basic knowledge of the German language (at least level A1).
  • Have previous experience looking after children, i.e. through private babysitting, internships at childcare institutions, as a camp counselor or as an after-school tutor.
  • Be single, unmarried and childless.
  • Be able to work and look after children for 30 hours/ week + 2 nights/week.
  • Be able to commit to at least 1 year (due to visa requirements).
  • Be in good health and have no criminal record.
  • Be open and flexible in experiencing new lifestyles and cultures.
Champeaux lịch lãm thân thiện và ngập tràn ánh sáng tự nhiên, nằm chính ngay dưới mái vòm kính “chiếc ô khổng lồ” mới khai trương ở Les Halles.

4. Required Documents for Aupair Program in Germany:

1,   Passport
2,   2 photos of 3.5 x 4.5 and many photos of life (bright photos, which express the love of children, the housework, the work with children, as young and fresh as possible). It’s a good idea to use a soft file, copy it to USB when coming to our office or mail it to the supporter after signing the contract with us.
3,   Letter to family (written on A4 paper, typing, showing the reason to become Aupair, introducing yourself, family, as friendly as possible) (should use soft file, copy to USB when going to our office or email the supporter after signing the contract).
4,   Transcripts and German certificates (if any).
5,   Student ID card (if any) or highest degree.

5. The cost of joining the Aupair in Germany program through the Global Vietnam Aupair:

In order to give you a comprehensive view of the total cost of Aupair travel/ the cost of joining the Aupair program in Germany through the Global Vietnam Aupair to prepare for a trip to Germany. Details of fees are as followed:

  • Consultant fee: 20 million VND.
  • Notarized translation fee: Free of charge.
  • Application fee at the embassy: VND 1.7 million.
  • Airfare: 10-15 million VND (one way).

Do not add any additional fees.

In particular, the fee of counseling service is the full fee for the agency to conduct your profile, introduce the most suitable family with best treatment, guide you to interview at the embassy, consult to complete visa application procedures and make sure to rematch the host family for you when you have any problems with them.

The fees in abroad, where aupair will travel to, will include: Accommodation, living condition and health insurance will be paid 100% by the host family.

6. Process of participation:

  1.  Please register yourself under this link
  2.  Global Vietnam Aupair will email to you to schedule the interview in German via skype with you.
  3.  After you pass the German interview with Global Vietnam Aupair, you can sign the contract with Global Vietnam Aupair.
  4.  You can choose one of the two types to sign the contracts with us, either go to our office directly or send the signed contract online.
  5.  When signing a contract, you need to pay 10 million service fees.
  6.  Global Vietnam Aupair mail to guide you the documents to complete before we officially introduce the host family for you.
  7.  Once you have matched with a suitable host family, you will pay the remaining 10 million service fees.
  8.  Global Vietnam Aupair prepares the entire visa application, helps you to practice the interview and guides you to apply for a visa at the embassy.
  9.  With the visa, aupair will fly to Germany, the host family will pick you up at the airport and take you home.


– All the fees we listed above are fees you may have to pay for entire 1 year of Aupair, not all the fee will be paid to us. You will pay directly for the air ticket, language tuition fee, certification test or visa application fee at the place where you use the services.

– You can see more Aupair experience from the Aupair in Germany of Global Vietnam Aupair before, in here


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