For a detailed view and overview of working hours, as well as the minimum wage (the pocket money) you can receive when making Aupair in the US, France, Germany and Austria. I will make a small comparison so that you can have a comprehensive view from which to make a reasonable choice for you !

1, The working time

The working time
America Germany France Austria
Aupair is responsible for babysitting 45 hours a week, not working more than 5.5 days a week and not more than 10 hours a day.


6 hours / day <=>30 hours / week (including play time and help the host kids study).

– The time off: Au Pairs in a one year stay will have four weeks off and 2 days off/ month.


– Babysitting 30 hours per week (5 hours a day, Wednesday may be more a bit because Wednesday is school holidays in France).

– Or can work and look after the child 30 hours / week + 2 evenings / week.


– Aupair only has to work 20 hours a week, at most 3 evenings/ week for children-looking after.

– Get at least 1 day off per week.

– The number of days’ leave is 30 days a year.

2, The minimum wage is received


The minimum wage is received

America Germany France


– To be received are about 800 USD / month (because all expenses for accommodation, study, travel are paid by the family, you can spend this money to pay the original cost or travel, shopping, meeting friends).

– Enrolled at a recognized America college or university, which is certified to attend a minimum of 6 credits at the school, the family will pay up to $500 tuition fee per year.

– To be paid for return ticket.


Be received monthly pocket money-saving money of at least 260 euros.

– Be paid 50 Euro/ month for tuition fee by the host family.


– Be received of weekly allowances from 60 – 100 Euros.

– Take part in a French course (self-paid or the family pay for, depending on the host) and social activities (traveling, exploring France, museum, watching movies, attending clubs , visit famous places …)

– Be received 376-470 euros per month of pocket money.

– Be paid a half tuition fee for the first German course by the host family.


In addition to the above, all expenses for accommodation and living, insurance for Aupair are free in all four countries. These are paid by the host family and the costs listed above are the minimum required by the Aupair law of each country. And if Aupair do good or good host family will pay more for you.

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