It is the service of the leading center for supporting students to participate in culture exchanging, foreign language learning programs abroad: Global Vietnam Aupair, Global translation include a interpreter translation team of highly qualified who had lived, worked and learned foreign languages in the native country. We have a good understanding of customs as well as good foreign language skills, be trained by the leading Universities of language in Vietnam and international, always willing to do the best for the benefit of customers, giving the customers the best quality experience, 100% refund if the wrong translation of more than 15%.

TRANSLATION QUOTATIONS - NOTARIZATION HOT: Commit 100% refund if the wrong translation of more than 15%.


Translation price

Original language

Language to translate

FrenchRussianGerman60.000 VND
Chinese65.000 VND
JapaneseKorean85.000 VND
SpanishPortugueseItalian140.000 VND
LaosCambodian,Thai language145.000 VND
MalaysianIndonesian languageFilipino195.000 VND
Polish languageCzechSwedishDutchDanish,
FinnishNorwegianUkrainian and other European languages.
195.000 VND
ArabicChinese script,RomanianBulgarian,Latin245.000 VND
HebrewMyanmar language and other languagesQuotation after had receipted of the document
FrenchRussianGerman65.000 VND
Chinese89.000 VND
JapaneseKorean95.000 VND
SpanishPortugueseItalian150.000 VND
LaosCambodian,Thai language155.000 VND
MalaysianIndonesian language,Filipino245.000 VND
Polish languageCzechSwedishDutchDanish,
Finnish,NorwegianUkrainian and other European languages.
275.000 VND
ArabicChinese script,RomanianBulgarian,Latin295.000 VND
HebrewMyanmar language and other languagesQuotation after had receipted of the document

Translation, notarization and certified copy

  • Notarized translation price: 45.000 VND / 1 document (including printing fee)
  • Price of certified copy: 15.000VND /1 pages

Important note:

  • Service price excluding VAT (10%)
  • The above rates do not apply for customer that specialized translation, notarized and translated quickly.
  • Document revision: Revision = 50% of the translation fee. If the document revision was been wrong over 30%, then it shall be calculated the same fee with translation fee.
  • This price may vary depending on the actual needs of the project and the agreement between the parties.

Transaction method:

  • You can scan the documents to send us without the original (in some cases requested by the notary, we may request the original documents for comparison and notarization).
  • To be executed the order, you need to pay 50% of the contract value.
  • We can deliver documents directly to come to you, free of charge for orders over 500,000 VND and 30,000 VND for delivery with less than 500,000 VND.


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