The aupair program is designed for young foreigners (aged 18 to 30), will be lived in the indigenous family of European Union countries for the purpose of improving the linguistic knowledge, at the same time, more understanding of culture through life here.

2, Conditions for joining the Aupair program :

  • Age: Participants in the aupair program must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Good healthy
  • Family status: Not married or childless
  • Knowledge of foreign languages at a certain level
  • Experienced in child care
  • Clean curriculum vitae
  • Aupair contracts must last for at least 6 months and at most 12-24 months.
Conditions for joining the Aupair program
Conditions for joining the Aupair program

3, Benefits of Aupair participants:

  • Pick up at the airport
  • The host family must register and pay for the language course for Aupair participants (6-10 hours of learn foreign language per week), or attend a course at the college or university with the Aupair program in America.
  • The host family must provide money to aupair participants through the pocket money and in-kind benefits (housing and food). Subject to the host family conditions and regulations in Article 6. (Ordinary 80-100 euros / week or $ 200 / week).
  • The host family payment for the bus ticket. Other public transportation, or give a car of the host family for an Aupair.
  • The Aupair participants must be secured healthy and prevent accidents while living in countries where the aupair program is available. It is possible that through the social security organization, or the receiving family is responsible for purchasing health insurance, physical insurance and labor insurance for aupair participants.
  • The host family must prepare the participant for accommodation, food and drink: It may be a private room or shared room with their children.
  • The host family must facilitate to arrange time for housework, so that aupair participants can attend language classes and improve their literacy skills.
  • Aupair participants must have at least one full day off during the week and at least two full Sunday offs during the month.

4, Responsibility of Aupair participants:

  • Aupair participants are obliged to join in household chores and childcare. Working time is less than 5 hours / day and 30 hours / week.
  • Take care of the child, teach the child, and some other related tasks (cleaning the baby’s room, cleaning the baby’s bathroom, preparing baby food, washing the baby’s laundry-having a washing machine).
  • Take the children to school.
  • Do some chores in the family such as: clear the table, cook a meal per day, vacuum cleaner ….

5, The profile to participate in Aupair program:

  • Application form for the aupair program
  • Letter to the received family
  • Childcare certification
  • Introducing letter
  • Photo card
  • Photos taken with children
  • Health certificate (at least 3 months before departure).
  • Birth certificate
  • Registration book
  • Language certificate
  • Transcript
The profile to participate in Aupair program
The profile to participate in Aupair program

You can chat directly at the fan page or call Global Vietnam Aupair at 0902 208 015 to be consulted the preparation of this profile.

6, Fee to participation through Global Vietnam Aupair:

  • Fee for consulting services: 20 million to 28 million.
  • Visa application fee: 900,000- 1,700,000 VND.
  • Fees for the certificate of foreign language examination: VND 500,000-2,500,000 (paid at the examination venue).
  • Round trip airfare: 20 million to 30 million VND.

In addition, each country will have time and working conditions differently, various profiles and costs. Please refer to the detail about Aupair program at the following link:


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