There are a lot of au pairs very embarrassed when making self-introduction clips. This article is compiled through comments from host families to help you have a more general view and a clearer orientation. Thereby, your self-introduction clip will become more attractive to viewers.

How long should the clip be?

The amount of time for application clips is usually only 3 to 5 minutes. In an interview with host families in the United States. Most of them only watch about the first 20 seconds of the clip to decide whether to watch it or not. Therefore, when making clips, you should keep in mind not to make clips too long! Families are very busy and have too many candidates, the ideal time for clips is only 3 minutes. If you have more activities, the clip can last up to 5 minutes.

How long should the clip be?
How long should the clip be?

So what should be done in the first 20 seconds of the clip ?

Do not waste time for too long about introducing beautiful homeland. “I really don’t care about a tour that takes more than 2 minutes to introduce her hometown. Unless she told me about her rescuing a small dog about to drown in the river at her hometown.” “I want to see her family. That makes me feel closer as well as I feel they support their daughter very much with the Au pair program ”.

What should be on the first 20 seconds of your clip ? It depends on your creativity but remember: don’t spend too much time introducing your homeland – things that they can search for at google .

Aupair Oanh Nguyen in Germany
Aupair Oanh Nguyen in Germany

What do the host families want to see in an application clip?

First, they want to listen to you and feel your English ability. You don’t have to speak standard English like an American, but be clear and coherent.

Second, they want to have a certain view of your personality. Through clips, they want to understand better how you are, introvert or extrovert. You are shy or you are audacity. You are very artist or you are a very real person … So, the thing throughout the clip. Should highlight the personality that you want your host family to see in you.

Third, they want to feel your value, or in other words: why should they choose you? For example, shooting scenes of you are joining clubs, sports activities, cooking, studying at school, feeding children, lulling baby to sleep … Any activity that can help viewers have a good picture of you: a hardworking and dynamic person.

Things not to do in the clip:

“I don’t like watching a clip with a poor image quality. That only shows that the au pair doesn’t care much about what she’s doing. “

“I was very bored with the clips that au pairs just sat in front of the camera and talked about them. Maybe I will spend about 20 seconds to hear how their English is. But just that, I’ll switch to watch another clip.”

“I once rejected a Swedish au pair. The reason is that in her clip, she filmed her and her sister shopping. They tried hats and towels, then they pose in front of the lens and sent a blowing kisses. I have a feeling that she is too childish and likes to express herself, completely unsuitable for taking care of my children.”

“I was scared to watch a clip of an au pair from South America. She left the kids naughty in the car, opened and closed the glass door freely, without securing the belt while she was driving, maybe her driving skills were good but I didn’t choose her! “

“There was an au pair I watched the clip. She is a student of the music school , she filmed the clip she was singing opera, which she thinks is very impressive. The fact that she sings well and it is also impressive, but I don’t think this can help her complete the awakening my children. Feed them or take them out.”

Many clips that you put the background music are too loud or you shoot in a place that is too noisy, that makes the host family too hard to listen what you are saying. You should choose to record clips in quiet places or adjust the background music is not too loud.

Aupair Ha Doan in Germany
Aupair Ha Doan in Germany

Things to do in the clip:

Always tell the truth. Remember that if you lie, they will eventually find out when you live with them. Make an interesting clip but always be truth. Do not overdo the experience you have. The host family understands that at the age of 20. They don’t expect too much for an experienced youth like a mother have two children. Or the host family will appreciate you if you tell them that you love children too, but the biggest motivation you want to come to America is to live and learn American culture … And you still guarantee with them that you will take care of and keep their children always loved and safe.

Always send a message throughout the clip: I love children. This is very important because if you do not like children, it is difficult for you to live comfortably in the US for a year as an Au pair.

The last thing, do not let any limits curb your creativity. There is no common pattern for au pair application clips. Because host families don’t want to see the boring stereotypes videos. Making clips is a very important step in finding a host family in America. But through that, host families – people who don’t know who you are, have never talked to you – may have initial visualizations about you before they decide whether to accept you as their au pair. The opportunity is shared among for all of you who wish to live and enjoy 1 year (even longer) in the United States. Hopefully this article will help you come up with ideas or orientations so that you can make good and attractive clips.

***Aupair experience***

With the experience of making self-introduction clips above, did you feel more confident? Find out more about what aupair means, aupair registration process, feedback of the aupair before, or aupair experience and knowledge here !


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