Teaching children to express emotions is always a difficult issue for many parents as well as the AupairChildren learn to express emotions through watching adults and other children. However, the determining of many different types of emotions in children should be taught clearly.

Here are 4 ideal steps to teach the child how to express emotion effectively.

1. Acknowledge the feelings of children

Be dropped a child’s favorite toy into a water tank can be a “tragedy” for them.Tell the kids that you understand and sympathize with that. A simple saying: “Mom / Dad regret that your teddy bear is in the water tank” enough for the children understand.

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2. Identify the emotions and actions that children are expressing:

Adults are usually very familiar with common emotions such as laughing when having fun, crying when sad, etc. However, this is not easy for young children who are learning how to express their emotions.

The responsibility of the adult is providing the appropriate vocabulary for child. Help them express their feeling effectively. Whenever the child is expressing emotions. Let’s quickly the clear identify for them those emotions.

 3. Check the actual situation

We all know that it is not a “tragic life” when be dropped a teddy bear into a water tank or criticized about new hairstyle. Check the actual situation, after you have understood the emotional expression of the child. And then say, “It’s okay, your teddy bear will be fine, it’s just a little wet.”

 4. Offer a solution or imitate an appropriate response

Children often express the negative emotions very easily. Take control of them by keeping calm. Then, give the appropriate solutions for the problems that children are facing.

You can say “Mom / Dad knows your teddy is wet, but we can wash it and it will be clean and happy again.” You may have to repeat your suggestions repeatedly, in so many different ways until you are sure that your children understand your intentions. If the child expresses positive emotions, make sure that you will reward for them.

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