Lại thêm một cô gái nữa nhà Global đã nhận được visa Đức chỉ sau 2 tháng kể từ khi bắt đầu làm hồ sơ đến khi có được visa Đức. Hiện tại em đã bay sang Đức và không quên gửi thư cảm ơn các chị Global đặc biệt là chị Trang, chị Thịnh, chị Hà và chị Lan những người đã giúp bạn ấy hiện thực hóa được giấc mơ Aupair Đức của mình.

Please read with us the letter of Uyen that she sent to Global !

I knew about Global Vietnam Aupair through internet. After learning about the Internet and being introduced, guidance of Ms.Trang (Trang Thu On). I felt confident in Global Vietnam Aupair so I had chosen.

There was a destiny when I was lucky to know Global Vietnam Aupair. And it was good luck for me to pass the interview of the center, so I can get a chance to participate in this program. Although when I started to make the records, I would be 26 years old in more few months But thanks to you, I could go to Germany favorable as today. From the beginning of the application to the time I received the visa was only about 2 months. Joyfulness comes so fast that I just want the time slow down to me so that I could enjoy it a little longer !

Le Han Uyen - Aupair in Germany 2018
Le Han Uyen - Aupair in Germany 2018

I still remembered the Visa interview at the Embassy. I had a badly interview because I was so tremulous. Then I was very sad and I thought I had slip visa. At that time, all of you were always by my side and encouraged me that everything would be okay. Giving me the faith … Until now I am still very grateful to you. And when I had received the call from the Embassy. I knew that I pass. My record is really thanks to you very much. Global Vietnam Aupair had made my dream come true. I still feel very happy … I thank Ms.Trang Thu On, the first person gave me more confidence to choose a reputable, responsible and professional company. And I am also thankful and thank you Ms.Ha, Ms.Thinh and Ms.Lan ! Wish you have much health to be a solid bridge between the dream and reality for the young.

Thanks Uyen for giving so much love to us. Reading your feedback gives me more motivation to try harder. Thank you very much. We also wish you a lot of fun and great experiences in Germany that you still dream. The life ahead is still long and the Aupair road just barely opens to you, it will have a lot of fun and the difficulties ahead. I believe with a girl who is intelligent and full of guts like you, you will definitely pass. Just trying like what you used to do. If there is anything you would like to share with us, please contact us. You are always welcome to share the experience, or difficulties you need help from us !

***Le Han Uyen – Aupair in Germany 2018***


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