Initially I selected Global Vietnam Aupair. Because I saw this is the center that many people had mentioned.Then I felt the service price was very reasonable. The next step was counseling, care and guidance very well. While attending the Aupair program I felt initially very vague. After being consulted and explaining thoroughly for my questions, I felt confident and more sure.

I thank you for teaching and guiding me so many things. Thank you very much from the day I came to the center until was practiced the interview, all of you always helped me and guided me very enthusiastic! The aupairs are joining or intend to participate so please rest assured. If you have any worries or confides, you will be helped and answered. I was very nervous when interviewing and waiting for a results of the interview. It was like a heart attack, but now having visa in hand I am really fun, relieved and do not know what to say.

Minh Diep – Aupair in Germany – 2017


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