• Now is 12 pm on December 25th. I can not sleep because I get a home to be Aupair.
• Today is December 29th. Gast just send me the contract, yee, so I had enough visa application file.
• Huhu I’m shivering and tomorrow have to submit profile the visa interview. Hoping a good beginning makes a good ending. (10.2.16)
• Well It’s done …wait for results …. horrible. When did they refuse?

My name is Nguyen Huong Giang, born in 1997. Initially I intend to study in Germany, but accidentally joined the study abroad seminar and known about Aupair.. Initially, I only paid attention to studying abroad so I did not care what Aupair was, how to enjoy the benefits. So I prepared all the records to study.

Accidental, one day I sit in Goethe’s library and met a former Aupair who had known at the seminar. I asked her how is this program, good or not ? When she was told me how to do an Aupair. I do not know why I was attracted to this program. I like children, that is the first thing, and it is equally important that I will be learnt German for a year. I never thought that having a good program like this.

My character is “what things I like I will do, what things I want I will make”. So that night after meeting an former Aupair, I searched about this program. After one evening, I decided to follow it. But it is not easy to convince my parents and relatives. Because most people say this look like a housemaid.

I do not see that …. even helping the family clean up, rice is not also a housemaid. Because they treat me as foster children, take care for me, create all conditions for my language learning, cultural exchange. Fortunately my parents and relatives agreed.

Immediately go to Global Vietnam Aupair. Actually, I went to another center first. However, the two teachers who taught at Goethe also knew about this program and their students also traveled a lot according to Global Vietnam Aupair. Surprisingly, the former AupairI had ever met at the library was also a former customer of this center. I applied in the center, the sisters in here guide me the documents to prepare. And Ms. Ha is the person in charge of me instructions until I have the visa.

Actually, I feel poor Ms.Ha. I am a bit insensitive: what day is today, during week or holidays, 1 pm or 1 am, regardless of when I need to ask I will ask. Sometimes I feel I broken of her resting moments. I was 6 Gast contact, but all 4 Gast refused. She was afraid I will be discouraged and encouraged me to be patient. Sometimes, she was stressed. I do not know what to do to help her. Only know how to keep in touch with the family really well, get out of Vietnam quickly, she will be escaped a nuisance girl always send messages zalo all day and night do not know what is the time. I feel myself whose the most document tired to makes her most miserable.

I am not too flattering when wrote this article without no complaint. But I really thanks Ms.Ha in particular and the center in general. Now that I have just received a visa and wrote this last word, is thanks the center. Thank you, Ms.Thinh has set up a reliable center. And thankyou so much Ms.Ha – who was always there to help me find Gast. What should I ask them, what should I do, what to prepar, teach me more good virtues, help me to not afraid, not worry and be gotten a visa.

This program is very good, do you believe that anyone I meet now, I keep entice them “go to Germany, go Aupair, very happy” haha. Because it is really useful without too much cost. You can also travel to other countries, exchange culture, learn foreign languages and especially I think to expand your life in the future.

• Wow. Today is 19.2.16. I have a passport with visa in my hand. My parents are very happy, so am I. Ms. Ha is very happy and the center is happy too.

• Ah. However, Ms.Ha has not escaped me yet, because when coming to a new country and I do not know what to do, I still call “Ms.Ha, my lovely sister……. ” hehe.

            Nguyen Huong Giang – Aupair in Germany


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