Through the first contact gave me the feeling of closeness which the other companies do not have

Thái An - Aupair Pháp 2017

At first I was very worrying, afraid that everything would not very well. Worrying that the first time working in a company away from home and I could not meet all of you directly. Did not know the process had a problem or not. But Ms.Huong helped me prepare everything very thoughtful, encourage me so I gradually self-confidence as well as peace of mind. She guided me each stage of the preparation process. Everything complicated was simplified. The patience, listening and encouragement to me, was a great motivation for me to be confident, this also initially accomplished my dream. I thank you very much. I felt very lucky to meet Ms.Huong and work with the company. People were very professional.

Thai An – Aupair in France 2017


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